What is PWA & How it Benefits Your Business?


Maybe you have already read many posts which talk about PWA, or you haven’t yet, anyway, here’s a simple guide to let you, maybe an E-Commerce entrepreneur knows what is PWA and the benefits for your mobile strategy.

The full name of PWA is Progressive Web Application. As our first important impression is the user experience is enhanced, lightweight and cross-platform such as both on iOS and Android. The UI and interactive experience of Mobile PWA looks extremely similar to a native App. PWA can be run on the browser, but the user still can install the “favorite” icon to the home screen of their phone if they want, but it’s not simply equal to add a shortcut, because once they install your PWA on their home screen, then PWA will run as the standalone view mode as same as the Native App, no browser toolbar and the other components, even support offline browsing, is that amazing? Check our new PWA product Mostore on your mobile browser, you will have a more intuitive impression.

Not only installable and offline browsing features but also can push notification through browser API. This can increase your user stickiness, you know people may spend more than 60% time in a day on the mobile internet when they stand on the subway or walk on the street.

Sound great? But lots of people asked me what the difference between Mobile PWA and responsive website, why they need a Mobile PWA? I have to emphasize that Mobile PWA is not required and even not conflict with your responsive website, strictly, PWA is App, you can have both two versions for the mobile strategy of your business, so when you’d better need deploy a Mobile PWA? let’s say for an online shop, you know the user shopping experience is one of the keys for the sale conversion rate, then I believe Mobile PWA will help you a lot.

let’s give a small test on your mobile phone. Just visit the responsive version of our demo site on your mobile browser, then visit the Mobile PWA version here, and install it on your home screen, then check again. I promise you will know the difference between these two versions, yes, the user experience.

The same examples that you can visit Pinterest and Twitter on the mobile browser. Even I have already deleted the native App of these two, and install their PWA on the home screen, saved a lot of disk space.

Nowadays, so many technique guys believe that PWA is the future of the web. Fortunately, we have already started on this journey, are you ready?

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